Month: March 2021

Semi-Serial – the events of all issues of all titles will impact the next issue, and those that follow. Of course, in the world of comic investing, more comics will be on the hot burner for quite a few years to come. I drew my first few strips and showed them to some friends, who liked them, so started looking into putting them online. In a recent report, superhero movies have made comic readership rise and have pushed quite a few comics to dramatically increase in value. And to this day I feel sorry that comics shifted from the readership of twelve-year-old kids to forty-something fat asses that have the cash to buy a lot of comics per month but who really killed off the Silver Age with their penchant for cliff-hangers. For childhood development, recreational areas assist in learning, can keep kids off the streets, and enhance their confidence.

Kids of any age can learn to do things properly. Marvel basically killed off the Silver Age with its alternate style of story telling, and its clever design to build cliffhangers that spanned many issues. It deflected the soap opera treatment that Marvel injected into all their comics and each issue was a stand-alone adventure. […]

Soccer – EPL Season Overview

The EPL, or English Premier League, is the most prestigious domestic soccer league in Europe. The EPL has a television coverage that is second to only the NFL. EPL matches are played internationally and are played every year in different countries. The EPL started in 1996 with two teams in England, then four teams joined […]